Thursday February 2, 2017


Do you need help relaxing, focusing your mind, and letting go of stress?

Life moves so quickly and there is so much to get done in a day. Mindfulness Meditation can be the answer. It can help you to unwind, clear your head of clutter, be happier and more present in your life.

Meditation is easy to learn and provides benefits to your life right away. It has been shown in scientific studies that meditation can lower blood pressure, improve brain health, and decrease stress and anxiety. Meditation techniques also help quiet the mind, improve concentration, and create a sense of inner peace. 

What will we do on 2/2?

  • Heather will begin the evening with a short meditation to help you become more present and grounded in class. Then, she will give a short talk about Mindfulness and the benefits of Self-Care with 3 Tools you can start using immediately. The evening will finish with a deep dive meditation lasting around 20 minutes. 

This class is great for beginners and life-long meditators alike!

Details: $10 at the door
Limit: 15 attendees

Heather White is the Owner of EMME Center ( which offers online training in Self-Care, Mindfulness, and Meditation.
Heather is a Certified Meditation instructor and a life-long meditator. She has been teaching since 1999 and has a private practice offering holistic therapies in Montrose.