stones & crystals

All forms of stones and crystals, from polished to tumbled, points to clusters, have been used throughout history for their spiritual and healing properties. We encourage you to let the "crystal choose you" and see where the experience leads.


Guiding Spirit works hard to bring you the very best private line of oils selected from worldwide sustainable sources. We can help you choose oils that best suit your needs, hold a personal aromatherapy session for you, or customize a blend!


tarot & oracle cards

Divination cards represent and guide our unconscious understanding of life experiences, past, present, and future. We have a large selection of tarot and oracle cards for you to choose what best suits your needs, and to guide you on your journey towards awareness!


Affirmation BANNERS

We are so excited to have found this selection of beautiful affirmation banners, window stickers (movable!), and temporary tattoos from the amazing artist Bryon Allen. With so many designs and sizes to choose from, we know you'll have a hard time deciding on just one!

kaboompics.com_Crystal ball.jpg

salt lamps

As if the natural beauty of a Himalayan salt lamp wasn't enough! These lamps emit negative ions, cleansing the air, helping to improve sleep, calm allergy and asthma symptoms, and can increase serotonin levels. Each lamp is unique, come choose your favorite!


We invite you to wander through our shop and peruse all the extras Guiding Spirit has to offer. With every shelf holding unique treasures, and knowledegable staff to guide you along the way, there's so much to experience you won't want to leave!