energy healing

This gentle, light touch treatment assists in balancing energy flow. Therapists hold space for clients to facilitate energetic shifts, and can include smoothing and clearing of the aura, balancing of chakras, and removing energy blocks from the body. Clients have stated that they leave feeling at peace, with less stress, and more at home with themselves. The client remains fully clothed.

Sessions range in length from 60-90 minutes, which includes time to talk before and after the session. 

$85 - $120 per session*

*Prices may differ by therapist/practitioner.


aromatherapy/essential oils

We offer a variety of customized aromatherapy sessions in order to meet the personal goals of each client. A quick assessment occurs prior to the session to eliminate contraindications of certain oils, and to help facilitate the intuitive insight of the aromatherapist. Specific oils may be recommended, or customized blends may be created for use at home.

Session times vary and include time to talk prior to and after each session. Pricing begins at $65 per session.*

*Oils for use at home and custom blends are a separate charge.


spiritual and intuitive consultations 

Spiritual Sessions, Intuitive Consultations, and Psychic Readings are so personal. It all depends on what you are looking for -- Guidance? Answers? Reassurance from a loved one that's passed on? The proprietor of Guiding Spirit has a special ability to directly connect to, and speak with your Spirit Guides. She is also extremely helpful at giving guidance for some of the challenges or big questions that we encounter in life. Come experience one of these amazing sessions for yourself, or give one as a gift. Phone sessions also available.

Sessions usually run 60-90 minutes. Pricing begins at $60.*

*Pricing and session length vary by practitioner.




Every moment and location in time has a chart, yours is unique! The stars and planets provide a compass to help understand where the current energy is leading you. when combined with intuition, this information provides remarkably accurate insight into personal motivations, relationships, and the timing of upcoming life changes. If you want to know the best timing to make a change or when current circumstances will ease, or are seeking personal growth, an astrological consultation can help. There are many charts and items handy, and you'll find out in your session which is best for you. Please have your accurate birth time, date, and location handy!

Sessions usually run 60-90 minutes and are available by appointment. Pricing begins at $60 per session. 

If you are looking to practice your craft in this area, and need an inviting space, 
please give us a call. 818-275-3920.